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Westlake Village is a vibrant Daly City residential community nestled along the coast right next to San Francisco.

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    Living in Daly City - A Hidden Gem near SF

    group of friends in a vintage red convertible driving down a sunny street in Daly City, surrounded by mid-century ranch homes

    Just south of San Francisco, Daly City offers residents the benefits of suburban charm and urban convenience. Often referred to as the "Gateway to the Peninsula," it offers a quieter, suburban contrast to its famous northern neighbor.

    A Glimpse into Daly City’s History
    Originating from a land grant titled "Rancho Cañada de Guadalupe la Visitación y Rodeo Viejo," Daly City was named after businessman and landowner John Daly. After the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the area became a refuge for displaced city residents, which spurred its development. Today, Daly City’s population surpasses 100,000, with a demographic profile characterized by significant Asian and Hispanic communities. Daly City enjoys a vibrant mix of cultural influences, as reflected in community events, culinary offerings, and daily life.

    Strategic Location and Easy Commute

    Situated immediately south of San Francisco, Daly City lies within San Mateo County and serves as a crucial link between San Francisco and the San Francisco Peninsula. Residents of neighborhoods like Westlake, one of Daly City’s most sought-after areas, benefit from quick and efficient commute options. The BART system offers a direct route into downtown San Francisco in under 30 minutes, while drivers appreciate the straightforward access via Interstate 280 and US Route 101. No wonder they call Daly City "The Gateway to the Peninsula".

    Daily Living and Local Attractions

    Daly City blends the ultimate in suburban convenience with quick access to some truly gorgous natural areas along the coast.

    • Shopping and Dining: The Westlake Shopping Center, a key hub of Daly City, houses everything from grocery stores like Trader Joe’s to dining staples such as the Original Joe's, known for its authentic Italian-American cuisine. Other notable spots like the Koi Palace, a bustling dim sum eatery, and the authentic Filipino restaurant Fil-Am Cuisine.
    • Outdoor Activities: Residents can explore Thornton Beach State Park for hiking and picnicking, along with enjoying spectacular views of the Pacific.
    • Events at the Cow Palace : The Cow Palace, an iconic venue, hosts a variety of events from concerts to rodeos, adding a vibrant history to the local culture.
    • Farmer's Market: The Daly City Farmer’s Market at Serramonte is a hub for fresh, local produce and a popular weekly event that strengthens community ties. Held every Thursday and Saturday, it offers some of the freshest fruits, vegetables, and artisanal products in the area.

    Cost of Living in Daly City

    The cost of living in Daly City is notably lower than in San Francisco. While still higher than the national average — primarily due to housing costs — utilities, groceries, and healthcare are comparatively affordable. This balance makes Daly City an attractive option for those looking to stay near San Francisco but are mindful of their budget.

    Iconic Mid-Century Design

    Westlake epitomizes the mid-century charm with its distinct architecture and planned community layout. Reflecting the era's emphasis on modernity and suburban expansion, postwar suburban architecture in Westlake and Daly City is characterized by sleek lines, single-story ranch homes, and a focus on indoor-outdoor living.


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