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Westlake Village is a vibrant Daly City residential community nestled along the coast right next to San Francisco.

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    10 Facts about Daly City

    Westlake Daly City apartments office - mid century exterior

    Life in Daly City is synonymous with accessibility, affordability, and convenience—just outside of San Francisco. If you’re thinking about moving to the area, here are ten fun facts about the city known as the “Gateway to the Peninsula.”

    1. It's Named after John Daly

    Arriving in the area in 1853, Daly initially worked on a dairy farm before acquiring land for his own dairy enterprise. As the population grew, spurred by the railroad and influx of immigrants, Daly's land became a focal point for community development. Following the 1906 earthquake, Daly provided aid to refugees, recognizing the potential for residential use of his land. Subdividing his property in 1907, Daly facilitated the rapid growth of housing in the area. With increasing pressure to incorporate as a city, Daly's popularity among residents led to the naming of the new town Daly City in his honor.

    2. A Post-War Boom

    After World War II, Daly City experienced a significant building boom driven by returning veterans seeking housing and favorable loan programs like the GI Bill. The availability of land and improved construction techniques facilitated rapid residential development. Daly City's proximity to San Francisco and expanded transportation infrastructure also contributed to its appeal as a suburban destination.

    3.Iconic West Coast Architecture

    Daly City was home to some of very first and most iconic first large-scale housing developments of the post-World War II period, focusing on affordable and well-designed homes for middle-class families.
    New housing developments and apartment complexes in Daly City featured tract homes with distinctive and new architectural styles, such as mid-century modern and ranch-style houses. Rob Keil's award-winning book, "Little Boxes", details more of the architectural story behind the classic mid-century suburb.

    4. The Ohlone People First Settled the Area

    The original indigenous inhabitants of Daly City were the Ohlone people, also known as the Costanoan people, who lived in villages across the San Francisco Peninsula. They were hunter-gatherers with a rich culture and distinct social structures, languages, and spiritual beliefs. Efforts are now ongoing to preserve and revitalize Ohlone culture and heritage in the region.

    5. Place Names & Traditions from Spain

    Spanish explorers arrived in the late 18th century, displacing much of the indigenous population. Spanish missionaries established missions and settlements in the region, influencing the cultural and architectural landscape. The Spanish legacy is evident in place names, architecture, and cultural traditions that endure in Daly City and throughout California.

    6. The Quintessential Shopping Center

    If you’ve heard of Daly City, chances are you’ve heard of Westlake Shopping Center. You can find everything here, from Trader Joe’s to Walgreens. If you’re a resident at Westlake Apartments, these staples are just a short walk away.

    7. Did Someone Say "Cow Palace"?

    Attend a concert, show, or event at the Cow Palace, one of the most well-known hot spots in the area. Over the years, it has evolved into a multipurpose arena and exhibition hall. The Cow Palace also gained additional fame as the longtime home of the San Francisco Bulls ice hockey team and for hosting events such as the Grand National Rodeo.

    8. It Offers Gorgeous Coastal Access

    While Daly City is perceived as dense, it's also a coastal community with some beautiful parks and green spaces, including Thornton Beach State Park. Located just a few miles from Westlake, this park offers fantastic beaches, picnicking, hiking, and breathtaking views of the Pacific.

    9. It's the Gateway to the Peninsula

    Sitting a stone’s throw away from San Francisco, there’s a reason why Daly City is known as the “Gateway to the Peninsula.” Suburban convenience meets seamless transit options with ideal access to surrounding urban areas and San Francisco. Many of Daly City’s neighborhoods are perched on hills offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco skyline.

    10. Home to the Original Joe's

    An iconic Italian-American restaurant established in 1956, Original Joe's has been a beloved dining institution for locals and visitors alike. Known for its classic ambiance and hearty Italian-American cuisine, Original Joe's has maintained its old-school charm over the years, making it a popular destination for seeking a taste of nostalgia.

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