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Convenient & Connected

Westlake Village is a vibrant Daly City residential community nestled along the coast right next to San Francisco.



    Westlake Apartments

    Living in Daly City

    group of friends in a vintage red convertible driving down a sunny street in Daly City, surrounded by mid-century ranch homes

    Living in Daly City - A Hidden Gem near SF

    Known for its mid-century charm, Daly City — "The Gateway to the Peninsula" — offers an affordable, convenient contrast to its famous northern neighbor.

    aerial view of westlake apartments - suburban mid-century homes with rolling green coastal hills in the background

    The Historical Evolution of Westlake

    Westlake's story isn't just one of the post-war architecture and design boom in suburban America, but also of social and community evolution in Daly City.

    Westlake Daly City apartments office - mid century exterior

    10 Facts about Daly City

    From its post-war legacy of mid-century architecture to iconic spots like Original Joe's, here are 10 interesting facts about Daly City.

    rebranding highlights of westlake village w new logo

    A New Era for Westlake Village

    We're leaning into Westlake Village's historical legacy with a reimagined vision of what this iconic Daly City community looks like for a modern-day, value-driven resident.