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Westlake Village is a vibrant Daly City residential community nestled along the coast right next to San Francisco.

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    A New Era for Westlake Village

    rebranding highlights of westlake village w new logo

    A Post-war Gem

    An iconic Bay Area property, Westlake was the first post-war suburb in the country. The original manifestation of the American dream, Daly City created an inviting and diverse new community ouside of San Francisco, with neighbors from all walks of life. A swath of uninhabited sand dunes was transformed into a vibrant postwar community — including 47 acres of classic mid-century apartment homes, cottages and townhomes at Westlake Village.

    Modern Meets Timeless
    With five unique neighborhoods and over 75 varied floor plans, Westlake Village evolved over the decades to offer an all-American blend of suburban charm, comfort, and convenience, with easy proximity to BART, buses and freeways, Lake Merced, and San Francisco.

    Fast forward to 2024. We're excited to lean into Westlake Village's historical legacy with a reimagined vision of what this iconic Daly City community looks like for a modern-day, value-driven resident.

    With a streamlined new name of "Westlake Apartments", the new brand identity is a fresh take on vintage aesthetics that supports a cohesive, mid-century inspired story. Westlake stands out with its diverse complex of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and story. From the sunset-inspired hues of South Palm to the vibrant tones of Plaza West evoking the ocean, new names reflect the individual charm of each neighborhood, allowing residents to find a home that resonates with their vibe.

    Rediscover Westlake
    Rediscover the dynamism. diversity, and California cool energy of living in Daly City. Explore all available units online or contact us today for more information or to schedule an apartment or townhome tour. We can't wait to show you around!